About IKEUCHI Middle East

“Enriching the life from the Fog by IKEUCHI”

 We have worked our verification of advanced agriculture as a project since 2016 in UAE, then in 2019 and 2020 we established two LLC company. As a farmer, we are supplying fresh vegetables  to the UAE market more and more.  We have engaged in the farming by using of our own fogging cultivation systems as one of fog application. In the Middle East, we are trying to verify our own farming method and business model.

 As agriculture of our basic key solution, we are enriching the lifestyle to the people to live local. Besides, we supplies fresh vegetables and fruits from Japanese market to Middle East.  

 Further more, we are dealing with fogging systems that use non-wetting fog to improve heat-extreme working environments, industries, commercial building etc., as well as Japanese machinery and materials to various categories.

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About IKEUCHI Group in the world

“Fog, Humanity, and IKEUCHI”

Fog, covering the earth, growing forests and moistening the air, has always been closely related to our lives.
Crops essential to our life grow by absorbing moisture from the air, as well as their roots. Fog plays a part in converting undergrowth and fallen leaves into organic fertilizer. Additionally, textile production’s weaving techniques were developed in areas near rivers, because the river’s fog produced the proper humidity needed.
Today, fog plays an important role in quality improvements of electronic device manufacturing and printing. Fog serves to improve the global environment, from combating global warming, to dust pollution control.
It is our mission to design and provide high-quality fog spraying systems to contribute to our industries, and to mankind.

“The Fog Engineers”

As “The Fog Engineers”, we provide engineering solutions for a broad range of manufacturing processes.

Japanese manufacturer of spraying nozzles and humidification systems, IKEUCHI design and produce high-precision products for liquid atomization to various industries.

Since our foundation in 1954, we have been supporting global industrial spray nozzle and atomization requirements with innovative products, adding value to customers through spray engineering support. We have a world wide presence opening offices in 8 countries. And through our Global Network, our representatives are available to help with product specifications, system constructions, application problems, order placements, etc.

Our mission

IKEUCHI is dedicated to provide solution based on our extensive knowledge of atomization technology.

Our ongoing investment for research, product development, and manufacturing is the foundation of our business. Thus, “Taking the path less traveled” to design innovative solutions.

Our goal is to create unique products with high-quality fogging systems that contribute to social development and to our industries, as well as protecting the environment.

Our product, precision nozzles, and their related systems are designed to give the highest quality performance and the best results to our customers.

Engineering solutions

IKEUCHI’s high-precision spray nozzle-based systems and Dry Fog humidification systems satisfy atomization requirements, fulfilling every manufacturing need.

Our R&D department is constantly improving and innovating products and systems to adapt to customer’s need. We continuously develop our core technology and extend our knowledge obtained from a wide range of industries into areas where we see a demand.


To meet our contribution to society by means of fog, we have advanced and specialized our fog engineering in response to current issues and requests from partnering industries. Today the field of fog utilization is not limited to Japan, but is spreading across borders into other countries and markets.
In order to effectively respond to global needs we are establishing subsidiary offices and accelerating the movement towards our own global network.



Farm Location:

Bida Faris, Remah, Al AIn, Abu Dhabi, UAE

+971 4 878 7089




Office location: 

Office #741, Tamani Arts Office Tower, 

Al Asayel St, Business Bay, 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 878 7089